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While the question of Obama's birthplace was pushed by casino online booking some bloggers who backed Clinton's primary campaign against him eight years ago, Clinton has long denounced it as a "racist lie." "Trump has spent years peddling a racist conspiracy aimed at undermining the first African-American president," Clinton tweeted after his Friday event. "He can't just take it back." Indeed, it is clear Trump's foes will try to keep the criticism of his actions alive. African-American members of Congress held a news conference at the Capitol to denounce him immediately after his appearance. Trump's allegation on Clinton starting the controversy is the latest example of his tendency to repeat statements that are patently false. However, that did not affect his ability to beat more than a dozen challengers in the GOP primaries and has yet to dissuade his loyal supporters. His statement Friday, in a sprawling ballroom at his new Washington hotel, lasted only a few seconds following a lengthy campaign event featuring military officers and award winners who have endorsed him. That turned the appearance into a de facto commercial for his campaign, as the major cable TV networks aired the full event live in anticipation of comments Trump had hyped hours before. "I'm going to be making a major statement on this whole thing and what Hillary did," he told the Fox Business Network. "We have to keep the suspense going, OK?" For years, Trump has been the most prominent proponent of the "birther" idea. He used the issue to build his political profile and define his status as an "outsider" willing to challenge conventions. Friday marked the first time he said in no uncertain terms he was mistaken.

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The pair recorded five albums from 1964-70, featuring notable #1 hits like Mrs. Robinson, Bridge Over Troubled Water, The Sound of Silence and many more. Simon & Garfunkel went on to win 14 Grammy Awards and were inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in 1990. Garfunkel released his first solo album, Angel Clare, in 1973. The album was his most successful solo work to date, peaking gambling at #5 on the charts and featuring the Top 10 hit All I Know. Showtime is 8 p.m. Doors open one hour prior to the show. Tickets start at $30 plus tax and convenience fees. Tickets are available online at the IP Casino website and through Ticketmaster. Tickets can also be purchased at the IP Box Office or at the Ticketmaster kiosk located on property. Guests may call Ticketmaster at (800) 653-8000.

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